Integrated Skills Development Scheme

Keeping in mind the need to upgrade the skills of textile workers/handloom weavers, develop competitiveness in the textile industry and increase employability, the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has launched Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS).

Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) has been launched with the objective to build the capabilities of those institutions that currently provide training and skill development programmes in the textile and apparel sectors (this includes Jute and Handicraft).

Objective of Scheme

ISDS envisions to address the critical need of enhancing competitiveness of the textile industry in the globalised economy. This Scheme also envisages a substantial skill programme, which aims to develop around 30 lakh persons in the next 5 years. Concurrent evaluation and performance is being adjudged on a regular basis to ensure transparency and lucidity.

The primary objectives of the Integrated Skill Development Scheme are:

• To address the trained manpower needs of textiles and related segments including Handicrafts, Handlooms, Sericulture, Jute and Technical Textiles by developing a cohesive and integrated framework of training based on the industry needs.

• To increase the employability of residents of the target areas through imparting of skills in the textiles and related segments.

• To ensure that the scheme is designed in a way that it caters to the wide range of skill sets required in various segments as listed above, while simultaneously ensuring sufficient flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of these segments over a period of the next five years.

• To create a trainers’ pool by conducting the advance training programmes at a cluster level.

• To ensure training in design development programmes, particularly for the handloom weavers/handicraft artisans/jute artisans and also help them produce diversified products with innovative use and improved quality to meet changing market trends.

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